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You put in the hard work and your body is fatigued. The results you see and feel are a direct result of what you consume. Now is the time to BOOST your muscles with the nutrients they crave. Our post-workout blend contains the perfect amount of BCAAs, BOOST post workout has both Glutamine & BCAAS which helps recovery and building muscle. It's a 2 in 1 combo, which helps replenish depleted muscles.

Watermelon Flavor

 Increase Muscle Growth
 Decrease Recovery Time
 Optimize Amino Acids Levels All Day

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Your gains are made post workout when your muscles destroyed by overload are rebuilt bigger and stronger. At Castleberry Nutrition we know that proper recovery is the key to massive development. The ingredients in Boost are what Bradley Castleberry used to develop his body and take advantage of his extreme workouts. Your muscles are made from branched chain amino acids and Boost provides 7,000 mg plus the leucine metabolite HICA, to stop muscle cannibalism. Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid needed for fast recovery. Boom provides a highly bioavailable glutamine matrix to facilitate quick gains. An intense workout leaves neurotransmitters spent and craving dopamine. Boom’s mentality matrix helps you get your mind right for your next workout.

Castleberry Boost Watermelon Ingredients 465g

POST-WORKOUT: MEN & WOMEN: Use one (1) scoop of BOOST in twelve (12) oz of water or juice

MALES: PRE WORKOUT: Use (1) scoop of BOOM with one in six (6) oz of water. NEVER exceed 2 scoops within a 24 hour period.

FEMALES: PRE-WORKOUT: Use (1/2) scoop of BOOM in four (4) oz of water.